Think before choosing Courier Company | USPS tracking featured

Courier services are now one of daily need Indeed in this arena where everything is getting online, connecting to the Internet. Now if want to buy some products online by Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc then courier services plays a vital role in the delivery from the company’s warehouse to our doorstep. So we think while choosing courier service online we must be very careful about choosing them. One best courier company can deliver your product to your home with proper safety and also we know everyone is not perfect in everything. There are only some world leaders in every field of their business.

On the other hand, sometimes we have to send Postal orders, Money transfer, printed photos, big packages, small parcels etc depending upon our current need. There are some key points which we should always keep in mind while choosing courier service. Lets have a look on them


Safety of our belongings is everybody’s concern.  So we listed it at 1st place. Also, you must keep it as 1st priority choosing courier companies


A second most important aspect of courier service is reliability. The customer is satisfied if he/she doesn’t need to put much more efforts in getting product delivered like manage time of delivery as per customer etc.

Timely Delivery

If a courier company is having lots of man power, vehicles and working in a big area with some of the best airlines then you can get your products delivered within specified time. Faster, Express delivery options are the main key point of most courier companies.


The minimum price is everybody’s concern when it comes to choosing Courier service.

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned key points, I have figured out one of the best courier service founded in the United States. This is United Nations Postal Service. It was started in 1971. If we talk about the courier services in the US it is only single government accredited independent agency to provide shipping services. USPS is serving in 190 countries with more than 600000 man force. Figures show it clearly how much big this company is.

usps tracking package

I love this USPS courier service because it is fulfilling all our need with quality service, full reliability with minimum price. One more thing by which I have fallen in Love with this company is Uniform Price within the UNITED STATES BORDERS. In simple words, the company is charging the same price for particular weight & shape size irrespective of the distance from starting point to the destination.  USPS is always my first priority what is yours. So give it a try. You can track all order via USPS tracking service given on the website.